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Kronverkskaya st. 23, 197022, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Tract is a group of companies. We have been developing audio solutions since 1991. Today we are an international team of developers, engineers and consultants. We have 90 qualified employees with extensive experience in the project implementation of any complexity and scale. Our branches are in Hamburg, Novosibirsk, Nur-Sultan, Minsk. Our solutions are the industry standard and they are used by the largest Russian media holdings: EMG, RMG, MMH, VGTRK, etc.

Company’s operation:
• Radio turnkey:
- analysis and optimization of business processes, solutions for technical and technological problems;
- design and construction maintenance;
- equipment and software supply;
- assembling and installation;
- customization and training;
- technical support.
• Development of automation system for the radio broadcasting Digispot II.
• Introduction of radio technology in booming market segments: Internet radio, corporate radio, digital audio and video broadcasting.
• Development and implementation of innovative technologies (radio visualization, virtual radio system).


Pavel Lyahov, Commercial Director
Alexey Popov, Deputy Director General
Petr Molchanov, Deputy Director General
Ivan Revin, Head of Sales Deaprtment
Marina Proskura, Marketing Specialist
Vitaly Rachkovsky, Head of Trakt-Media
Andrey Nazarov, Technical Director of Trakt Media
Andrey Varlamov, engineer
Alexander Suchkov, Head of the System Integration Department.
Yana Vaseva, Marketing Specialist
Natalia Builina, Head of Marketing Department
Sergey Alekseev, AEQ Sales Manager
Nodar Khaliani, Development Director of MediaData
Ilya Shabalin, Technical Director of MediaData
Oleg Ryzhov, Technical Director of the Synapse project
Alexey Sokolov, Lead Engineer of the System Integration Department


Our office
Neglinnaya str. 15, Moscow, RF, 127051

Mailing address
49 off., 15, Neglinnaya str., bld. 1, Moscow, 127051, Russia.

Tel.: +7 495 651 08 34
Fax: +7 495 651 08 35